Be My Valentine – Origami

Happy Valentine's Day!

Each year, I try to do a little something for my colleagues at work and my friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I prefer “handmade” anything – and this year was no different. After thinking about it, and being a bit indecisive – the head of the work cafeteria mentioned how impressed he was with the origami star ornaments that I included last Christmas. I got to thinking and figured surely, there must be some type of Valentine I can do in Origami.

Thanks to the youtube tutorial at:

I was soon folding up heart shaped valentines with wings.

Origami Valentines 2016

I made them in bi-colored paper – in many colors – which really showed off the wings and heart. They’re my favorite.

Then, I tried them in some waxed Origami paper that is striped but semi-transparent:

Origami Valentines 2016

It ended up making the hearts look a bit “gingham” but I think the wings got a bit lost.

Origami Valentines 2016

What was the solution? Outline the heart in black marker, and then write on them Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Once stacked, I popped them into an envelope and began delivery. I think they were a hit!

Origami Valentines 2016


Homemade Valentines

Here in Ireland, they celebrate Valentine’s day differently than the states. Basically, it’s a day for couples – and not so much the day where you show appreciation for everyone that you love.

In the spirit of America’s “kids”, I decided to make some homemade Valentines for my colleagues at work. The goal was to make them as punny/cheesy as possible because they’d all heard of “school” style Valentines Day from having watched the Simpsons. (I choo-choo-choose you, Valentine.) I also included some candy hearts with each one, and would like to think that it made them smile at the corny-ness of it all.

Without further adieu, the Valentines – made out of cardstock, decorations, and my own sad sense of humor.

set of 4

First Set of 4 all say:
“Valentine, I Dig You!”
“Bee Mine”
“Valentine, I Ad-ROAR You!”
“Valentine You’re a Star!”

Second Set of 4:

Second set of 4

Valentine I’m Falling For You!
No Bones About it – You’re My Valentine!
Daisies just wouldn’t be the same without you, Valentine!
Valentine – You set My Heart A “flutter”.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s was as filled with love as mine!