Stacking Crochet Baskets

3 round stacking crochet baskets out of chunky yarn. Perfect for all the small toys like legos, action figures, etc. #phoenixrosedesign  #crochet #baskets #stacking #black #orange #green #acrylic #chunky #solutions #organization #homedecor #handmade #Phot

Doing a bit of retro blogging today, as I am trying to catch up on several Crochet projects that I did and then gifted for Christmas. Since I didn’t want to reveal the “gift” until after the person received them, it only makes sense.

3 nesting baskets - crochet. Completed Dec. 18,2014

While I was ill over Christmas, I was home for about a week from work. The bad news was that I was sick and highly contagious. The good news was that I rested up, and with the help of antibiotics, I did feel well enough to get some crocheting done. I had some really rough, chunky yarn that I got at the local Euro shop – in not very pretty colors. My original thought was to make an “ugly rug”.

3 nesting baskets - crochet. Completed Dec. 18,2014

The problem was that I just couldn’t think of making a rug with a couple of afghans and other larger projects in the works. As a result, I decided to try my hand at some baskets. The result was me crocheting a set of 3 stacking baskets in orange, Green, and black. They weren’t very big – maybe about 14 inches high for the largest, but they are all quite wide in diameter.

3 nesting baskets - crochet. Completed Dec. 18,2014

3 nesting baskets - crochet. Completed Dec. 18,2014

The smallest is perfect for fitting a skein of yarn and keeping it from rolling about on the floor. The middle and larger ones hold 1-2 skeins each, or they can hold some cool things like legos, GI joe type toys, or Mc donalds figures. I’m trying to figure out what to “line” them with – maybe I won’t do that at all – but I’m still trying to think what to use. I’m open to suggestions, so please feel free to share.

Otherwise, as always, if you’d like a custom order set of baskets, or anything else you see here, please let me know!


Retro Ear Warmers

This week, I had an order for 3 gorgeous ear warmers to be made. They needed to be in light blue, Dark blue, and Grapey Purple.

I did them all 3 in some variations of the Pinup girl tie style hairbands that I made, and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. There are no a patterns – I came up with them myself. :)

The first is the Grapey one. It’s in a front/back post stitch, and has a little “feature” of a loop that hooks around it to make it a bit looking like a bow.

sparkly grape colored ear warmer. crochet. #PhotoGrid #phoenixrosdesign #violet #sparkle #crochet #earwarmer #handicraft #hairbands

The second was a petrol blue colored blanket stitch style ear warmer. This one I narrowed the ends and added a button to go in the back.

Blanket stitch crochet ear warmer in petrol blue. #crochet #phoenixrosdesign #earwarmer #selfpattern #blue #fashion #winter #warm #PhotoGrid

And the third is a light tourquoise hair band with ruffled edges, and a tie on the top. This one is the one I mentioned that was modified from the pinup girl hair tie I did earlier.

Scallop edged tie crochet ear warmer #PhotoGrid #phoenixrosdesign #crochet #blue #custom #handmade #pinup #pinupgirl #sexylady #winter #hairbands #hairtie

Not bad – and for a custom order – 8 Euro each. You can always reach out to me if you’d like a custom order for something that you’d like.



Snow flurries out the window at work. #ireland #dublin #snow #blizzard2015 #whitestuff

Here in Dublin, we’ve been dealing with overnight snow showers that are continuing just into the morning commutes before the weather clears up into cold sunshine. The snowflakes are not really that bad (for a girl who has lived in Utah and grown up with Christmas in Wisconsin) but because it is snow and makes everything slick it has made for interesting commutes since folks don’t know how to drive in the “conditions”. (Rain yes, Snow, no.)

The above is a picture taken out of my work window. In truth, the snow wasn’t that bad – this is at the maximum zoom, and then flipped to black and white to make it look like it’s a blizzard. Just goes to show how a bit of manipulation of color / zoom can change what it looks like is really happening. The same can be applied to many things in life.