Dem’s Abroad Pub Quiz

Here in Ireland, going to the pub is a part of life. Sometimes you have a Pint, sometimes you don’t. I often wondered why it’s such a big part of the Irish culture. For me, the answer came when I started realizing that traditionally – Irish have large families and very small homes. This means that the Pub became what is effectively everyone’s living room when you wanted a bit of space to “yourself”. It also became a place to meet your mates and a heart of the community. Now – with a housing crisis here in Ireland and many individuals and families forced to share houses and apartments (I know of several single mums that share eg. a 3 bedroom house – in which each mum has a room – shared with their youngest one or two – and the older kids all share a bedroom too!) what I’ve found is that folks spend time at the pub. Eg. Your roommate or the kids are using the living room to watch something. You go to the pub to give them space and not spend your life in the bedroom or kitchen.

That being said – part of Irish life and the center of everything is the Pub quiz. Some Pubs have them weekly, while others have special events to fund raise. I’ve been to a few while here – but recently had my chance to help organise one for the democrats abroad. Basically, several of us wrote up 50 questions – and then the “host” chose a few from each area to include in the sections. Because so many of us wrote questions – we could still participate – because in total only 4-6 questions (out of 50 asked) were used -and we didn’t know all the answers.

The First annual Pub quiz for Dems abroad was held on July 13, at the Stag’s Head Pub in the city center. There were about 50 ex-pats that showed up and answered questions from about 8 pm – 11:30pm. Marja and her husband were the “tally” for the team and then the Dem’s Abroad Chair (TJ) was the host.

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016
Marja and TJ

My team was made up of Paddy, myself, Stephanie, and then another Patrick and his wife (Irish) who we met at the table quiz. Our team name was the “#NeverTrump-eteers”. The 3 of us from work were stumped on many questions -but amazingly – the couple we met knew many of the answers. My team came in 2nd.

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

Some other teams had really great names – like “Make America Great Britain again”

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

And Donald Trump’s Tiny T-Rex Hands.

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

The entire night – we had a great time – and the first, second, and third place teams were all within 2 points of each other (55, 54, 53 points).

The first place team: the Kew Tours! – who won the glamourous hotel voucher for 2.

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

The second place team (mine): The #Never Trump-eteers (who won back the 3 bottles of wine that I donated):

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

And the third place team -I can see Ballsbridge from my house – who won a fabulous bag of gourmet Gummy bears:

Dems Abroad Pub Quiz 2016

it was a great evening – and very successful in terms of fund raising. Hopefully, we can do another one sometime soon!


Cookie Wars!

On Thursday, after just having gotten done saying that I could lose about 50 pounds, the Universe intervened, and surprised me with a package. A package?!? Yes, A package. Some lovely friends of mine sent me 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from across the pond. 2 Boxes each of Samoas, Tagalongs, and Thin mints. (No dieting for me on that day!)

Well, being the kind hearted person I am, I chose to share the one of each of the types of cookies with the team at work. By the time yesterday rolled around, I was trying to keep the cookies away from me – as I had been nibbling on the cookies – along with the rest of the team – for the better part of the day. There was now only a single Samoa cookie left in the box. So, I set the cookie box aside, and said Please, someone else eat the last cookie!

My colleague, Paddy, rarely eats sweets. In fact, he’s one of the least sweet-toothed people I know. Each day, he has tea and toast for breakfast, and if it’s a really busy day, he’ll maybe have a little something sweet, like a bit of a cookie, but that’s it. So, when I handed him the box, he laughed and this is what he did – to torture me. It made me crack up laughing – and thus began the first shots in….

The last girl scout cookie in the samoa box has begun a cookie war... #cookie #girlscoutcookies #yum #humor #officefun #deskwars #laugh


My response was swift, as he had placed the cookie right on the “line” between the desks, and it was staring at me, tempting me. I decided to tempt him back – No cookies = No tea… and then wondered… Is this how North Korea got started with their “line in the sand”??

The response to my teammate was swift and sure. No cookies - no tea. #cookiewars #officehumor #fun #funny #humor #office

And thus, the tensions had escalated…and the NO Cookie Zone had been established.

The lines have been drawn... No cookie zone. I wonder if this is how N.Korea got its start?!? #cookiewars #fun #officehumor #allinadayswork #friday #funny #office #humor

Quickly thereafter, the glass jelly bean tanks moved in, trying to keep the peace… and defend the “line” through impartial intervention. Tee hee!

The glass tank jelly bean jars have joined to keep the peace!! #humor #office #fun #cookiewars #lol #friday #officehumor #joy #laughter #omg! #allinadayswork

The quiet didn’t last long however, The Forbidden cookie’s evil paper coffee cup dictator is having none of it. Meanwhile, my coffee mug has adopted its own slogan across the de-cookified zone.. “i am not a paper cup!”

Oh no!! Angry paper coffee cup dictator has joined the war..spreading lies and propaganda!! What shall we do?!? #cookiewars #humor #allinadayswork #officehumor #office #fun #funny #ohnoes! #funny

Hooray! The recycleable coffee mug has joined the battle and brought his own slogan!! I am NOT a paper cup!! #standoff #cookiewars #officehumor #office #humor #fridayfun #friday #fun #greenteam #laugh #allinadayswork #whilethecatisawaythemicewillplay

The standoff continues through the weekend… who will win?

How long will the forbidden cookie war standoff last?!? Who will win?!? The world may never know. #cookiewars #office #politics #humor #fun #funny #amusing #officehumor #laugh