Crochet – Lattice Scarf Necklace


When I was in the US for my Sabbatical back in June, I brought with me two lovely skeins of cotton thread to the US. The previous December – I had an idea to make a summer lattice scarf necklace with some flowers. The scarf itself worked up quickly but get set aside in the shuffle of other orders in the new year. Picking it back up for the trip from Dublin to London (and a 3 hour layover before an 8 hour flight to the US), I managed to complete it.


The scarf itself was easy to make. Basically a series of single crochet on the beginning and end rows – then a V stitch followed by 7 single chains, skipping the 6 stitches, to v stitch in the 7th over and over again. It’s worked in the round and lets you have a nice open work almost chain mail type scarf as wide or as thin as you might like.


I turned mine into a cowl – and then added a flower. The flower closeup is below. This is actually the correct color of the yarn – as the flash seems to have caused it to be much brighter than the lovely peachy tan with blue flecks that it was.


Modelling the scarf at the London Airport. Forgive the hair, and the lack of make up (and the slight scowl). I had been up since 4am – my flight was delayed – turning the 3 hour layover into 4 (thank goodness I brought plenty of yarn) and the flight to Chicago being later than expected. I did make it though – and get plenty of other projects completed while on my holidays in the US.



Crochet Bunny lovey for baby


I’ve never attempted Amigrummi before. When I was in the US for my Sebattical back in June, I brought with me a couple balls of chenille yarn and thought they’d be perfect for making a little bunny. I started by free handedly making a little ball type shape that I filled with some stuffing.

Crochet Bunny toy - the start.

Then I proceeded to make a pair of ears. They had to be long and floppy and tapered at one end. Finally, I did a giant granny square with a shell type border and sewed them all together.



Finally, I added the eyes and mouth in white yarn to make some personality – I made it so that the little thing was sleeping.



Thus was the finished product- sitting on the bed…


And with her full floppy ears on display:


She ended up being gifted to a baby on the way – for one of my friends who I used to sit when she was but a few months old.


Origami Stars & Cards

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you...#origami #stars #starrynight #coldplay #christmas #ornaments

One of my favorite times of the Holiday season is sending out Christmas cards. This year, I didn’t have time to make very many ornaments to put in them (I mailed 55 cards before Christmas), but I did a few origami stars and some wooden ornaments to put in cards I hand delivered.

Pinwheel galaxy star origamiOrigami Star ornamentsOrigami Star ornaments

My hand delivered cards to those who make my day better in all the hidden ways – the people that work behind the scenes in my office – the event planning team, the security staff, the mailroom clerks, the coffee bar staff, the cooks, and most of all, the cleaners. These folks are often forgotten by those that work here – even though they are the ones that get paid the least – and keep the place going everyday. Most were surprised at the little card/gift – and delighted to get it.

16 Christmas ornaments from wood and self adhesive paper

The best part is that they didn’t take very long to see the smiles and the returns when I gave them out on Friday. I returned to the office today – and what was sitting on my desk?

Christmas card 2015

Christmas card 2015

A little card – all set for me to make an ornament with for someone next year.

Random acts of kindness – they truly do make the world go around.