Good Luck Card

Best Wishes, Boma

Late last week, my friend and Ceroc dancing class buddy, Boma came back from a few holidays in Switzerland. He was quite happy with himself as he told me all about the trip. He went to not only enjoy himself in Basel, but also to apply for some jobs there. Happily, he thinks he has found a new job, and has resigned from the company we work for.

Boma is one of the nicest guys I know, comes from Toga by way of Germany and now is living in Ireland. His upcoming move will take him to his 4th country, Switzerland, and he’s not much older than I am. He’s one of my favorite people – because, he’s very happy go-lucky. Also, like me, he is multi-lingual, has lived all over the world, and is really great to talk with about life, philosophy, and culture. I will miss his happy face and worldly perspective alot – not to mention his sick dancing skills in Ceroc.

Anyhow, as a part of his leaving, there was a little collection of money and I got to make him a best wishes card, pictured above, for everyone to sign.

Boma, I wish you all the best, and I hope once you’re settled in Switzerland, you’ll allow a visitor to pop over so we can go cut up the rug!


Homemade Valentines

Here in Ireland, they celebrate Valentine’s day differently than the states. Basically, it’s a day for couples – and not so much the day where you show appreciation for everyone that you love.

In the spirit of America’s “kids”, I decided to make some homemade Valentines for my colleagues at work. The goal was to make them as punny/cheesy as possible because they’d all heard of “school” style Valentines Day from having watched the Simpsons. (I choo-choo-choose you, Valentine.) I also included some candy hearts with each one, and would like to think that it made them smile at the corny-ness of it all.

Without further adieu, the Valentines – made out of cardstock, decorations, and my own sad sense of humor.

set of 4

First Set of 4 all say:
“Valentine, I Dig You!”
“Bee Mine”
“Valentine, I Ad-ROAR You!”
“Valentine You’re a Star!”

Second Set of 4:

Second set of 4

Valentine I’m Falling For You!
No Bones About it – You’re My Valentine!
Daisies just wouldn’t be the same without you, Valentine!
Valentine – You set My Heart A “flutter”.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s was as filled with love as mine!