Happiness in Today’s World

Orange and Pink Rose

Serious Question: I keep seeing lots of motivational websites, power over thinking blah blah happy happy. How to manage weight and be happy, how to be happy with your spouse, how to be happy with your life, how to be a happy parent, how to be happy in your job… how to be motivated for this or that.

I’m looking at them and thinking superficial bunch of shite. What is it with the modern world that thinks we have to be happy and stress free and motivated all the time?

Is it not more normal that I’m happy, and I’m sad, and I’m frustrated, demotivated, and I’m stressed at various points in my life? Is it just less acceptable anymore to be something other than “happy” in today’s world?? What is wrong with just being what you are at the time – and working your way through it?

Am I alone in thinking that some of these constantly “chipper” websites are mal-adjusted and couldn’t deal with real life when it bites them in the ass? Am I wrong in feeling that they are almost too happy – gushy – here have an ice cream happy – instead of actually offering something that allows someone to realistically cope?

Please tell me your thoughts, because I’m starting to think I’m the one that’s crazy because I’m not happy all the time – when maybe I should be taking the happy pill they are trying to sell.

Fairy Ring