What’s on Your Bucket List?

(AKA, 4 days of going with very little sleep). Wow What a weekend. I need a break from all the go go go, but hey, if my weekend is any consolation, at least I’m young enough to have enjoyed it completely. There will be 3 entries posted in one day (Jan 28) so forgive me y’all – I wrote it up but didn’t have time to post.
Sunday once again was a rainy day – and I woke up way late. Special thanks for my pup letting me sleep. I was so tired that I didn’t even hear my alarms – and am rather glad I didn’t have to work.
After chatting with Bubba, he had to leave the place he’s staying for a bit to give his roommate some time to herself – so we met up and headed to the movies.
We saw a movie called “the Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman (I love him) and Jack Nicholson. It’s amazing. Poor Bubba was a bit weepy (aww so sweet) and so was I by the end of the movie. It also prompted a discussion of what one wants to do with your life – before you “kick the bucket”. I agree with the theory that what you want to do changes when you are young v/s facing the end of your life. I guess it’s a matter of what’s really important to you.
Anyhow, tieing into the idea was a quote I got from Robert via email….
Life’s Journey is NOT to Arrive at the Grave Safely in a Well Preserved Body, But Rather to Skid in Sideways, Totally Worn Out, shouting “HOLY SHIT… WHAT A RIDE!!”
Yeah, someday, this will be me – at least if this weekend is any indication.
Anyhow, after the movies, Bubba and I went to dinner (Yum! steak) and then wandered around the city getting lost but heading in the direction toward where we would know where we were (I can’t explain this concept). Sometimes, the best time you can possibly have is hooking your arm through that of a friend, strolling along and just chatting as you enjoy the fact that it’s stopped raining, has warmed up a bit, and just seeing the beauty of what’s right in front of you.