Origami Stars & Cards

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you...#origami #stars #starrynight #coldplay #christmas #ornaments

One of my favorite times of the Holiday season is sending out Christmas cards. This year, I didn’t have time to make very many ornaments to put in them (I mailed 55 cards before Christmas), but I did a few origami stars and some wooden ornaments to put in cards I hand delivered.

Pinwheel galaxy star origamiOrigami Star ornamentsOrigami Star ornaments

My hand delivered cards to those who make my day better in all the hidden ways – the people that work behind the scenes in my office – the event planning team, the security staff, the mailroom clerks, the coffee bar staff, the cooks, and most of all, the cleaners. These folks are often forgotten by those that work here – even though they are the ones that get paid the least – and keep the place going everyday. Most were surprised at the little card/gift – and delighted to get it.

16 Christmas ornaments from wood and self adhesive paper

The best part is that they didn’t take very long to see the smiles and the returns when I gave them out on Friday. I returned to the office today – and what was sitting on my desk?

Christmas card 2015

Christmas card 2015

A little card – all set for me to make an ornament with for someone next year.

Random acts of kindness – they truly do make the world go around.