Recycled Christmas Card Bunting – How to

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without holiday cards. I’ve always loved to get mail, and at the holidays, I find the beauty of Christmas cards from around the world make me smile in their color, sparkle, design, and different languages. Some are elegant, others sparkly, some are celebrating winter and snowflakes, while others show off all the traditions of the holidays. Every year, I carefully pick out or make my cards and try to get them out the first week of December. And then.. the waiting begins. I practically stand at the door every day (hurry up postman!) waiting for the colorful envelopes. After all, no other time of year does the mail from my friends and family come in droves – out weighing the bills. (Who likes bills?!?).

Once they arrive, I carefully open each one, basking in the joy of the card (it’s like a little gift in each one) and then put it on the mantle or tape it up to the walls in a lovely display. When Christmas is over, I save each card – and try to find unique creative things to do with them later. It’s a great way to Upcycle, be eco-friendly, and keep memories intact from year to year.


This year, I didn’t have much money for decorating my flat. I’d spent most of my savings on medical bills, and that meant that not only was I trying to do handmade items for Christmas (I had time – not money) for everyone, I had to find a unique way to decorate. This is what I came up with. A simple re-purposed series of Christmas cards that were a bit folksy, eco-friendly, and totally made me smile every time I saw them hanging across my mantle.

Here’s how I did it, so you can make your own Recycled Christmas Card Bunting.



  • Old Christmas Cards
  • Round template – I used the top off of a Pringles Can
  • Oval Template – I used an old Scrapbooking shape
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or String



    Step 1: Take your circle or template and move it around on the card until you find a place you’re happy with. Depending on the card, you may be able to get two circles or ovals per card.


    Step 2: Trace around the template and then cut out the shape. Repeat for each of your cards. Try to get an even number of similar theme or similar looking cards. Don’t forget that you may be able to use the inside wording from the card or back of the card may have pictures too!


    Step 3: For double sided cards, match similar cards together – eg. The two snowmen on the far left came from the same card and look nice front / back. Add glue to the reverse of one of the rounds, taking note of which way is “up”.


    Step 4: Attach the round to the other selection, again, being careful that they are both in the correct direction when looked at on the front and back.


    Step 5: Squeeze out excess glue, wipe it off, and then weight the round with a book for a while until the glue sets. Wait for the glue to dry.


    Step 6: Once the glue is dry, punch 2 holes in the top of each card.


    Step 7: Thread the ribbon through the card, making a center and trying to balance the size / shape / color on each side of the bunting.



    Step 8: Hang up across your mantle, on your wall, or anywhere else where you want the display.


    A few other things you can do with the same technique – just punch fewer holes –

    Christmas Ornaments
    Mobiles to hang from ceiling
    Why not make a Rectangle from a card – and hang several different size rounds down from it like raindrops from a cloud
    Add some mod-podge and make necklaces
    Attach some flower wire and make centerpieces for the table

    What else can you think of? Share your ideas and how this turned out for you – I’d love to see it!

  • At the Races – take 2… This time, the Horses!


    A couple of weeks ago, for Jacqui’s birthday, I went to my first outing to the greyhound races at Harold’s Cross. I didn’t do too badly, and on Saturday, at the pub, I was telling about the event. The folks that I met up with were fairly receptive (as I told the story and crocheted on my Ambitious Project at the same time) and we had a few good laughs.

    Well, I had mentioned I needed to go sort of early because I had to work on Sunday – and shortly thereafter, the place became more crowded and the bartender came round and put a flyer on the table. Little did I know, I’d popped down to the Bell on the Boys and Girls club Annual “horse race” fund raiser.

    How it worked was that they had several races from a few years ago – and had edited them in such a way that they would be played on the big screen that they had set up at the back of the bell. Each horse was given a “new” name, and we would place bets on the horses according to which ones we thought would win. The pre-recorded races were run, and the local DJ announced the race over the speakers in the Bell – from beginning to end. The races didn’t take long – and the betting pool and prizes varied depending on the race chosen. There were 9 races in total, with the last race being the winners of the previous 8 races – and the grand total prize being ~300 euro.

    Me personally, I only bet on the first race – horse number 3 – because I liked the randomness of its name – Sherry Baby.


    The horse started off strong – and led up until the last seconds of the race – and then lost by a nose. The folks that were at my table were rather flabbergasted that my “random funny name” picking technique really did work – and congratulated me on the fact that the horse I picked was winning for 99.9% of the race. While they thought I should bet on the next couple races, I declined – and headed home, well satisfied that despite winning no money, the Boys and Girls Club had gotten a small donation.


    What I did at Work today…

    My supervisor had a party to go to and wanted to have some money made into creative origamis.  After she had some trouble, she asked could someone help. Never having done origami, I took a look at some patterns and started playing. So, a couple hours later, here’s what she got (as I discovered I apparently have a hidden talent):

    What I did at work today...
    5 Eur Shirt, Post-it Note Pants, Copy Paper Dress

    20 Euro Origami Dress
    20 Eur Dress

    Origami clothes
    Different style 5 euro shirt, 50 Euro Trousers, rear of white copy paper dress

    50 Euro Origami Dress
    50 euro dress

    Not bad for a hard day’s work…. huh?

    ** Special thanks to JB who took the photos