Cat sitting

I love animals. It doesn’t matter what type of animal they are, if they’re living and someone can have them as a pet, I will most likely adore it. Because I enjoy animals and have a dog myself, I often find that I’m picked to watch pets while my friends go out of town. This week, it’s H’s kitty, Grover.

Grover kitty

Poor little Grover was named when she was a kitten, and mistakenly believed to be a “boy”. Upon the first vet visit, surprise surprise, he was a “she”, but by then, it was too late. She is and remains a Grover kitty.


She’s very sweet, and at about a year old, she is one fun kitten to play with! The best part? She loves to be petted, purrs like a car, and she makes great biscuits!



Coming soon- cat sitting Loki, Eris, and Tigger!


Homemade Valentines

Here in Ireland, they celebrate Valentine’s day differently than the states. Basically, it’s a day for couples – and not so much the day where you show appreciation for everyone that you love.

In the spirit of America’s “kids”, I decided to make some homemade Valentines for my colleagues at work. The goal was to make them as punny/cheesy as possible because they’d all heard of “school” style Valentines Day from having watched the Simpsons. (I choo-choo-choose you, Valentine.) I also included some candy hearts with each one, and would like to think that it made them smile at the corny-ness of it all.

Without further adieu, the Valentines – made out of cardstock, decorations, and my own sad sense of humor.

set of 4

First Set of 4 all say:
“Valentine, I Dig You!”
“Bee Mine”
“Valentine, I Ad-ROAR You!”
“Valentine You’re a Star!”

Second Set of 4:

Second set of 4

Valentine I’m Falling For You!
No Bones About it – You’re My Valentine!
Daisies just wouldn’t be the same without you, Valentine!
Valentine – You set My Heart A “flutter”.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s was as filled with love as mine!


It’s Snowing!!

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Georgia -and snow was a rare thing. Maybe it’s because I’m weird. Maybe it’s because I refuse to grow up… I don’t know.

It is, however, snowing.

First snow 2009

Not much, not hard – just a dusting outside- enough to make the streets slick, to begin to cover the world in white, to soften the harsh branches against the sky, to make even the trash sitting at the edge of the road look “nicer”…. and yet.. it’s enough to make me feel giddy and gleeful inside.

It’s Snowing!!

Between the dog (who woke me up at 6 AM with a cold nose, a happy bark, a wagging tail, his “outside” whine, and a jump over me to lift up the curtains at the window) and the fact that it is nearing Christmas, I started singing Carols as I got ready for work and haven’t stopped yet.

Taking him out in the snow was a fun thing – because I was happy and smiling, revelling in the beauty of it – the softness of the flakes, the stillness and clarity of the air, and the crisp crunch of the leaves…. Add to it the fact that my beloved husky was making me crack up laughing…. He literally burst forth out of the door, kicked up the snow on his nose, exhaled and practically danced on the leash before dashing down the street – nearly taking my arm with him. Poor thing had to be restrained on a short leash until we could get across the busy street and down by the canal where he can run. Once the dog was down there though, he raced back and forth as fast as he could, as if to say….


He then proceeded to roll in the white powder, to become covered in the stuff, before running back and forth several times. It was pure and utter JOY. Yes, I admit that I had to tell him to calm down and “do his business”, and that I really felt bad to have to take him inside where he’ll wait all day for me to return (before going out again). But, for the time we were outside, I got to revel in his actions – reflecting my mood.

Oh sure, there’s bad things about it – but for the moment, I’ve left the curtains open at home so the dog can see outside and watch it accumulate (if it accumulates), I’m sitting at work facing the windows enjoying nature’s cold white mystery coming down, and revelling in the fact that when I go home – the dog will be there at the door, with but a single look of joy on is face – that of “Hi Mom – OUTSIDE” and…