Crochet – Lattice Scarf Necklace


When I was in the US for my Sabbatical back in June, I brought with me two lovely skeins of cotton thread to the US. The previous December – I had an idea to make a summer lattice scarf necklace with some flowers. The scarf itself worked up quickly but get set aside in the shuffle of other orders in the new year. Picking it back up for the trip from Dublin to London (and a 3 hour layover before an 8 hour flight to the US), I managed to complete it.


The scarf itself was easy to make. Basically a series of single crochet on the beginning and end rows – then a V stitch followed by 7 single chains, skipping the 6 stitches, to v stitch in the 7th over and over again. It’s worked in the round and lets you have a nice open work almost chain mail type scarf as wide or as thin as you might like.


I turned mine into a cowl – and then added a flower. The flower closeup is below. This is actually the correct color of the yarn – as the flash seems to have caused it to be much brighter than the lovely peachy tan with blue flecks that it was.


Modelling the scarf at the London Airport. Forgive the hair, and the lack of make up (and the slight scowl). I had been up since 4am – my flight was delayed – turning the 3 hour layover into 4 (thank goodness I brought plenty of yarn) and the flight to Chicago being later than expected. I did make it though – and get plenty of other projects completed while on my holidays in the US.



On Obama, On Obama, to the white house go!!

Barak won 13 states last night. I’m so pleased.
I know, I generally avoid the whole politics in my blog, but really, of all the choices I think that he’s the right one. I remember seeing him opening for the Democratic party in 2004 and thinking gosh.. this guy is amazing. I hope someday he runs for president – he’d have my vote. Ever since, I’ve been nothing but impressed with his record. To me, this man IS the LIVING EMBODIMENT of the AMERICAN DREAM.
In case you don’t know (What have you been living under a rock?!) Barak Obama is the son of an Immigrant who came from Kenya, became educated on a scholarship in Hawaii where he met Barak’s mom. Barak was born and grew up between Hawaii and Indonesia before moving to NY and then Chicago. He worked as a Civil rights and Constitutional lawyer, and now he’s running for President – something a that 50 years ago would have been unheard of. Add to it the fact that that there is truly a shortage of well educated, well spoken, responsible black men in our country – and to see one that is running for president – heck, it makes me proud – I want him to win – and despite the demographic I’m falling in (ok they say I should vote for Hillary) I am a firm believer in Obama.
Yes, sure, I am not sure he’s got alot of experience, but compared to the “old guard”, I’d rather see him in there (he’ll probabally listen to the advisors because of his lack of experience) than anyone – and the best way to get experience is to go into that job – otherwise, there is no way of getting the experience that is needed to lead a country.
Either way, elected or not, I will say that he is one of the great orators of my time. He has a way with words – and, while I’m sure some of the speeches are written by professional speech writers – he sure makes them that much better in their delivery and their wording.
Really, if you listen to him – in particular the speech set to music (below – from his loss to Hillary in NH primary) – I think this speech will go down in history similar to those of Aberham Lincoln (We are standing on Hallowed ground…); FDR (a day that will live in infamy), JFK (ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you); MLK (I have a dream… )… and I’m eager to see what will be offered up next.

Finally, if you haven’t heard his speech from last night, you can see it at:

And so, I say, On Obama, On Obama, to the White House Go – Make Us Proud, Unite a Nation – and remind us all that YES WE CAN.