Baby Blue… like the Colorado Skies…

Blue & Creme tie front jumper

One of my cousins, after years of not hearing from them, has joined facebook and found me – much to my delight. The brilliant thing about this is that we have finally reconnected a bit, and I’m able to see some of the bigger events in life. One of the recent bigger events was that his lovely girlfriend, K was pregnant with their third child. Being an avid crocheter, I had to make sure to send the new baby a gift. I dug into my “completed objects” of Ziploc bags and found a lovely baby sweater that made from debbie bliss yarn in creme and blue.

Blue & Creme sweater stitches

I recall that this was one of my attempts to modify a lovely newborn dress pattern into a sweater, and it took many tries before I was happy with how it turned out. I think I was saving it because it was such an accomplishment for me to make it. Now, however, is the right time to give it away. As I packed it up, I hoped that the baby would fit the jumper – (something one can never predict) and sent it on its way.

Yesterday, I got the brilliant news that it fits the wee babe beautifully, and the most adorable picture. I am so happy to get them because I rarely get to see what I’ve made “in action” as it were.

Oh! Am I supposed to model this sweater?

Well, I give it two “fists up”. 🙂

Congratulations to C&K on the birth of their third child, and such a beautiful little family! I look forward to hearing and seeing more every day – instead of chatting only over Christmas dinner.



Happiness in Today’s World

Orange and Pink Rose

Serious Question: I keep seeing lots of motivational websites, power over thinking blah blah happy happy. How to manage weight and be happy, how to be happy with your spouse, how to be happy with your life, how to be a happy parent, how to be happy in your job… how to be motivated for this or that.

I’m looking at them and thinking superficial bunch of shite. What is it with the modern world that thinks we have to be happy and stress free and motivated all the time?

Is it not more normal that I’m happy, and I’m sad, and I’m frustrated, demotivated, and I’m stressed at various points in my life? Is it just less acceptable anymore to be something other than “happy” in today’s world?? What is wrong with just being what you are at the time – and working your way through it?

Am I alone in thinking that some of these constantly “chipper” websites are mal-adjusted and couldn’t deal with real life when it bites them in the ass? Am I wrong in feeling that they are almost too happy – gushy – here have an ice cream happy – instead of actually offering something that allows someone to realistically cope?

Please tell me your thoughts, because I’m starting to think I’m the one that’s crazy because I’m not happy all the time – when maybe I should be taking the happy pill they are trying to sell.

Fairy Ring


Like a Dog with a Bone…

One of the things about Germany is that it’s rather difficult to find an actual swear to God bone that isn’t made from parts of a Pig or a chicken. It’s also difficult to find good sized treats for my big dog. Hopefully that’s now begun to change – because in my neighborhood – in the last year, there is a new rottweiler puppy (she’s 8 months old), two golden retrievers, and 3 new huskies. (This doesn’t include the couple of labs or german shepards I’ve seen out in our communal “empty lot” walking area who have been here since I have. ) So, where am I going with this? Well, for about 3 years, I’ve been completely unable to find a bone that was worthy of giving my dog. However, on the 30th of January (call it a late christmas gift), I went to the local pet store to get dog food and low and behold, they had cow “shin” bones in a basket for 4 Euro each.
I promptly bought one and wrapped it up in two bags. When I got home and unpacked the dog’s goodies – he promptly “recognized” the bone and I hadn’t even Un-wrapped it yet. It was quite amusing – I could barely get it unwrapped and he was already sitting on the floor, crying and holding his paws (alternatively) for shakes (here, take it – I don’t care – I know thats for me – Please please please let me have the bone….) and was so happy. After “torturing” him for a Christmas photo of him in antlers:

Oh No, You Didn't!

He got the bone and went to sit on his bed.
Hugging the Bone

Obviously, he promptly wrapped both paws around it and could not be torn away from it for ~4 hours. We’re talking NOTHING would take him away. Not an offer of going outside for a walk, dinner, scratches … Nope, it was all “BONE!!!”

Riddick's Bone
It's So Tasty

I guess it’s true. Happiness is a dog with a bone.