Olympic Decorations at work

Instagram of the Rings

Here where I work, we’re totally into the Olympics. Since it’s an international community and an international workplace, we try to generally avoid conflict because of cultures and cultural influences and find ways to bridge these differences. When the olympics comes around, however, things change. The Olympics are a huge source of nationalism (via sporting events), team work, and joy as we can all celebrate the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals with others of a particular nationality. All around the building, we constantly hear – Sure, my guy lost, but yours won – what a stunning finish/great match.. etc.!

Paper chains & quote

In Honor of the Olympics, the events committee here at work has decided to challenge us on a floor by floor basis – to support charities, to decorate, and to show our cultural diversity while celebrating how well we can work together. On my floor, we have many varied nationalities – including French, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, American, Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Indian, Canadian, Brazillian – and this is just the ones I know about!

Flags of all the countries on the floor

The idea was were supposed to choose 1 color, but the floor decided to go for "ALL" the colors. I made paper chains for all the desks (I was up until 1:30 am) – and there were Olympic balloons for the end caps. There were also olympic balloon rings; and flags representing the countries of all our team mates on the floor.

Paper chains partly hung up

2012 London Olympics

We managed to get sports equipment & pictures of nearly every sport up on our columns, and then people participated in desk chair rowing, desk basketball, desk badminton, mini-football, and stick horse racing at the time of “judging”.

Basketball jerseys on windows

(Notice my subtle reference to the 1972 Munich Olympics being the 40th Anniversary of Massacre on the b-ball uniforms in the windows.)

There was also a podium for BOB the HR cutout guy and a few stuffed animals.

Gold Medal for Customer support

For all of our great efforts – We took 2nd (silver medal) for the building.

Gold for Customer Support

In other news, the Rowers / Cyclists / cupcake sale also raised money for charity. I’ve not got the totals yet, but they did a great job!

Cupcakes (in olympic colors) for charity

Cycling for charity

1000 meters complete - switch!

The good news is we also have more events coming next week – so it should be another fun week at work!

Olympic Rings in Balloons


Life long Learning for World Book Day

World Book Day Donation

Earlier in February, the my team at work (mostly me) organised a book and art supply drive for the children a local charity creche so they could expand their Library. The crèche specialises in low and no cost childcare to enable parents to avail of employment, training, and education opportunities.

On March 1, 2012, World Book Day, me and my supervisor were pleased to present the crèche with 50 books, some toys and art supplies for the children all raised from the Dublin location’s generosity. That works out to 1 new book per child at the crèche!

Why is it important that we helped by donating books and supplies to the crèche?

• On average, children in economically poor areas have only 1-2 age-appropriate books in their homes
• Inability to read is linked to poverty, dependence on welfare, unemployment, and crime
• Many children don’t read because they don’t own or have access to any books

By donating 50 books – roughly one book per child and expanding the library at Little Learner’s crèche, we’re instilling the children with a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Special Thanks to my team and company for their Generosity!

World Book Day Donation

For more information on world book day please click here : http://www.worldbookday.com/


I love Countdowns by Obermann

I’m from the south too, and honestly, I agree with his point on family values.

Also, I love the point that the republicans are going to do “what’s in their best interest” and choose how and who interviews the VP candidate.

Controlling the media? Yes.

Don’t fool yourself – both the campaigns do it – but things that should make you afraid – what happens when this man (or if this man) dies in office? Do we really want Palin to be the president? YIKES!!