Crochet Bunny lovey for baby


I’ve never attempted Amigrummi before. When I was in the US for my Sebattical back in June, I brought with me a couple balls of chenille yarn and thought they’d be perfect for making a little bunny. I started by free handedly making a little ball type shape that I filled with some stuffing.

Crochet Bunny toy - the start.

Then I proceeded to make a pair of ears. They had to be long and floppy and tapered at one end. Finally, I did a giant granny square with a shell type border and sewed them all together.



Finally, I added the eyes and mouth in white yarn to make some personality – I made it so that the little thing was sleeping.



Thus was the finished product- sitting on the bed…


And with her full floppy ears on display:


She ended up being gifted to a baby on the way – for one of my friends who I used to sit when she was but a few months old.


Baby Blue… like the Colorado Skies…

Blue & Creme tie front jumper

One of my cousins, after years of not hearing from them, has joined facebook and found me – much to my delight. The brilliant thing about this is that we have finally reconnected a bit, and I’m able to see some of the bigger events in life. One of the recent bigger events was that his lovely girlfriend, K was pregnant with their third child. Being an avid crocheter, I had to make sure to send the new baby a gift. I dug into my “completed objects” of Ziploc bags and found a lovely baby sweater that made from debbie bliss yarn in creme and blue.

Blue & Creme sweater stitches

I recall that this was one of my attempts to modify a lovely newborn dress pattern into a sweater, and it took many tries before I was happy with how it turned out. I think I was saving it because it was such an accomplishment for me to make it. Now, however, is the right time to give it away. As I packed it up, I hoped that the baby would fit the jumper – (something one can never predict) and sent it on its way.

Yesterday, I got the brilliant news that it fits the wee babe beautifully, and the most adorable picture. I am so happy to get them because I rarely get to see what I’ve made “in action” as it were.

Oh! Am I supposed to model this sweater?

Well, I give it two “fists up”. 🙂

Congratulations to C&K on the birth of their third child, and such a beautiful little family! I look forward to hearing and seeing more every day – instead of chatting only over Christmas dinner.



Recycled Jar Lantern Crochet

Romantic Recycled jar lanterns. Add a citronella candle and hang from trees, summer umbrellas, or place on a table for a simple elegant barbeque or wedding centerpiece. Check my etsy store!   #PhoenixRoseDesign

Welcome to Summer! Recently, I saw a great picture of a bunch of lanterns hanging in the trees around the back garden, with intricate Moroccan style beadwork and crochet. I decided to emulate this with my own patterns and designs – using recycled jars of all shapes and sizes.

Jar lanterns

Starting with cotton crochet thread that had tiny little silver sparkles in it, I made my first jar. I think it turned out adorable – especially after adding the wire loop to hang it from the tree.

Jar lanterns

Once I hung it, I realized that the patterns I made in crochet were cast on the wall almost in a kaleidoscope type pattern. It’s pure awesomeness, and I had to make some for my etsy store!

Not only are they good for the environment, they are great for sprucing up your backyard barbecue parties, weddings, and even for adding an awesome touch to your glamping! Add a citronella candle and hang from trees, summer umbrellas, or place on a table for a simple elegant barbecue or wedding centrepiece which will be talked about for years.

Recycled jars crochet lanterns

These come in 3 sizes – with the jar included.

If you don’t wish for the jar included, I can sell the crochet cover separately -just message me.

Small – about 4 inches in height

Medium – about 6 inches in height

Large – about 7-8 inches in height

Recycled jars crochet lanterns

For more pictures of what I have available, or if you’d like to buy some for yourself, check my etsy store at: