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C.S. Ihus (aka Rose) grew up near Atlanta, Georgia. As a child she often spent summers with her grandparents living in Wisconsin’s small town farming communities.  In high school she lived in Russia as an exchange student, and has spent time on Long Island, New York and in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also spent four years living and working in Berlin, Germany.  All of these experiences have provided her with a love of travel and culture, and an appreciation for the ever-changing urban and rural ways of life.

Creative ever since she was small, it seems she has an eye for details that make everyday items even more special.  Seeing something that could be nurtured, her middle school art teacher pulled her aside to offer private oil painting lessons.  From these lessons, she gained a deeper understanding of pigments, light and shadow.  Not long after she received her first camera and found a lifetime passion, which has developed into her own art.

Currently based with her dog, near Dublin, Ireland, she continues to travel and create art whenever possible.  She is pleased to offer her unique photography, designs, and perspective to the world.


3 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Davis Vasconcellos says:

    Hello Rose,
    your work is amazing.
    I am a guy from Brazil and have an indie rock band.
    I am riding a composition for the cover and found a picture using google-images. I discovered by chance that is one of your photos. It was not intentional and does not intend to hurt her. Sorry.
    I use the image on the cover? do not have much money, we are alone 🙁
    I promise to inform the author.
    the picture is this:

    sorry my english!



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