Hats for the Homeless

Ireland is in a homeless crisis. Year over year, the number of homeless (especially homeless children) is up over 100%. As the Irish people struggle through the shortage of housing (and increased rents are forcing out many low income individuals), the government is arguing over how best to address the crisis and where to find the funds. You can see many articles in the local papers:

Number of Homless Children Doubles in a Year

Homeless Epidemic requires more state support

Overall the problem is shocking. On Saturday, while in the city center for drinks with friends, I counted 3 people that were sleeping rough in a 5 block radius. Last night (Monday), in the pouring rain, I counted 7 all drenched to the skin, and obviously quite miserable. (I too was drenched but at least I had a nice warm home and bed to go to). It is everywhere – from here in the city center to out in the less urban areas. And Winter is coming. The cold temperatures haven’t even started yet.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been very focused on what I can do to help those who have found themselves homeless. Despite working 50 hour weeks at work, I won a yarn lottery and suddenly found myself with 70 “free” skeins of yarn. I had asked for chunky yarn and decided that this was the Universe’s way of telling me here – set to work – here’s what you can do. Thus, I began making hats, earwarmers, and scarves for the homeless. In the course of 4 weeks of my free time, I have crochet and donated 2 hats.

Another 2 hats done.. one loom and one crochet.


I also bought a loom yarn and made a scarf and 2 more adult sized hats (they go much faster), and a child sized earwarmer.

First adult sized knitted loom hat done. :)

First adult sized knitted loom hat done. :)

Finished loom knit scarf to match the hat. Oct. 18, 2015

Child size ear warmer loom knit. Completed 10/18/2015

I know it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, nor does it cost any “money”. I suppose, though, I hope it is helping someone, somewhere. Because it could be me someday -and that is what keeps me going. If you’d like to make a few hats, scarves, or participate in the shoebox appeal for Inner City Helping the homeless, please check their website.

Inner City Helping Homeless

I’m sure they’d appreciate any help they can get.