Cat sitting

I love animals. It doesn’t matter what type of animal they are, if they’re living and someone can have them as a pet, I will most likely adore it. Because I enjoy animals and have a dog myself, I often find that I’m picked to watch pets while my friends go out of town. This week, it’s H’s kitty, Grover.

Grover kitty

Poor little Grover was named when she was a kitten, and mistakenly believed to be a “boy”. Upon the first vet visit, surprise surprise, he was a “she”, but by then, it was too late. She is and remains a Grover kitty.


She’s very sweet, and at about a year old, she is one fun kitten to play with! The best part? She loves to be petted, purrs like a car, and she makes great biscuits!



Coming soon- cat sitting Loki, Eris, and Tigger!


One thought on “Cat sitting

  1. What a beautiful face Grover has! I love cats – and dogs, too, and I’m also quite often asked to pet-sit for friends. I love that.

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