National Adopt a Dog Month


Hi, Riddick Here. Did you know that it’s National Adopt a Dog month? This is a picture with me and my Human best friend this summer at the Giant’s Causeway in N. Ireland. I picked out my human back in 2003 from Best Friends Animal Society. We started out in Salt Lake City, and she made a promise that I would be hers to love forever. We have been together for 9 years and moved in 2005 to live in Germany and now live in Ireland. I’ve seen lots of Europe and been on planes, trains, boats and automobiles – and lived quite the life – and I have fans from all over the world. I’m now 13 years old and despite slowing down because of some arthritis in my old age, I know I’m truly blessed because I have found my forever home in my “Mom”. I hope others will learn from my human and take a chance on adopting a shelter dog or cat. We all have so much love to give and deserve to have forever homes. Remember, A pet is not just for Christmas – we’re love for a lifetime!

Riddick Smiles