Temple Bar Trad Fest

Back the end of January, I went up to the Market in Temple bar. As luck would have it, while searching for the new market location (the city is putting an awning over Meeting place square) I suddenly heard the wail of a dying cat very distinct instrument called a Bagpipe. Following my ears up Essex Street, I found a sign to discover that it was the weekend of the Temple Bar traditional Music Festival. Luckily the tortured goose *cough* music from the bagpipes didn’t last long – and I had my camera (with internal video camera) with me.

This means that while I couldn’t record the entire thing – I was able to record some of the variety of performances and music to share with those of you out there. One thing I will note that was consistent – Almost every performance had someone in the audience participating – clapping, dancing, foot tapping or singing along. That made the experience that is the Temple Bar Trad fest that much more enjoyable.

I do hope you enjoy the video.

P.S. No Cats or Geese were tortured in the making of this blog post…