Waffles… New Shoe Dance… and Sunshine!

The sun was out for a brief time this weekend. It was so bright and shocking that it woke me up at 8 AM on Saturday (ok so it woke up the dog) and forced me outside to see if some big huge disaster was happening. Nope… it was the SUN.


It instantly put me in a good mood, prompted some cool eye fashion (sunglasses) wearing, and a need to be outside – no matter the temperature. Pleasant, but after a brisk walk (it was Decidely FREEZING outside) started me coughing and wheezing I decided to head back inside (I’m still getting over my cold) before I gave myself pneumonia or something.

I saw Lost season 4, episode 3 (OMG! Sayeed is in BERLIN in this one!!) , a movie, then decided to head into Berlin. I’d been looking for some new kind of dressy black walking shoes and after a couple shops headed over to the kudamm. Wound up with my shoes, a new set of comic books to start reading (hooray), a Newsweek, A Foreign Policy Magazine, and then, dinner at Ming’s Garden (Pot stickers and Orange Duck RULE!!)

Sunday, I woke up and headed into Berlin for a 1pm meetup for brunch. I HAD WAFFLES BABY. Yep, the only place in Berlin that has make your own Waffles. It took me 4 trains and 1 hour 15 minutes to get there, but the food was super and the chatting with some old and new friends was fun. We left at 4 PM (yeah, that’s 3 hours later) tipped our waitress well, and then were off for the night.

Considering I’ve had a hankerin’ for some waffles for the better part of a week (and no waffle maker) I was quite pleased.

One final walk of the dog and then I’m off to bed….