Sunday, Rainy Sunday

It’s raining. Again.
Yep, it’s Berlin – it’s been raining for 3 days straight. (For those of you in Georgia, experiencing snow – I’m SO JEALOUS I could spit!!!) It’s gray, dreary, and miserable outside – and I have to work. Again. UGH.
What’s funny is that, I’ve been singing / humming since I woke up at 5:30 am to go to work. Despite it all, I’m just in the mood to sing – and I don’t know why. It been bothering me a little bit, and leaving me a bit concerned that I’ve been spending too much time alone.
What’s even more amusing (than the fact I’ve been singing to myself all morning) – as I’m walking to the bus stop, I’m the only one up and outside. All you can hear is the sound of the rain, the patter of the drops on my umbrella, the wind in the trees, and the splosh of my footsteps as they are hitting the cobblestones. The world is that sort of blue gray, and because it’s Sunday, none of the street lights or store signs are on so they are a dark gray against the light blue gray sky. It’s just me, the rain, the wind, and the song I have stuck in my head as I walk.
Then, I round the corner, and there’s this bird. He’s black, silhouetted against the gray sky and just sitting right at the top of the tree. I probabally wouldn’t have noticed him for my umbrella but all of a sudden, he just started singing, and singing and singing and singing. Trills and songs, long whistles and clicks, just as pretty and colorful as you please. He made me pause and look up.
Suddenly, it doesn’t matter that I’m down on the sidewalk, it doesn’t matter that it’s pouring and miserable outside, that no one else is awake, nor that I even have to work. It was suddenly like I knew why I had been singing all morning.
You know – because I’m happy – just like that bird.
I’d have to say that seeing him made worth getting out of bed this morning, the walk in the rain, the weird ponderance on why I was singing, and perhaps even the fact that I have to work again. I feel blessed. I saw a bird sing – and was the only one to hear.